Foldable umbrellas are often badly designed, cannot resist strong wind and often have a very short lifespan.


To avoid those problems, the Beau Nuage team pays special attention to quality control by checking each one of its umbrellas carefully.


Materials are meticulously chosen, production process is controlled daily and each umbrella is checked before delivery.

The drying technology which is currently being patented incorporates three layers:

  • An inner "absorption" layer made of a special microfiber fabric. As suggested by its name, microfiber consists in extremely fine fibers - typically they are a few micrometers large that is 8 times finer than cotton or 100 times finer than a strand of hair - and is able to retain up to 10 times its weight in water thanks to its particular density.
  • An intermediate "repulsive" layer made of a perfectly water-repellent material with a twofold aim. The system not only enables to keep the outer layer always dry by preventing raindrops to go through but it also constantly pulls raindrops towards the microfiber to ventilate it and dry it efficiently.
  • An outer layer made of polyester which was specially altered to be both rigid, soft and of course hydrophobic so that no raindrop can penetrate the cover from the outside.

The umbrella is built with strong and innovating materials:

  • The handle is made with ergonomic gel: it can be adapted to suit every hand and gives you a firm and comfortable grip even in the wettest conditions.
  • The aluminium-and-steel shaft is durable, unbendable and light-weight.
  • The fiberglass ribs are very flexible and don't put too much pressure on the durable stainless nickel-made junctions. This process optimizes the ribs resistance to strong winds and prevents the umbrella from flipping inside out.
  • The canopy material is thicker than the standard umbrella - with 200 threads/po2 instead of 190/po2 on others - and its TEFLON coating can repel water more effectively.

Today, Beau Nuage umbrellas are not manufactured in France because there is no factory which can manufacture bending ribs there. However, Beau Nuage dreams of creating one day an umbrella factory in Ardeche.