The Beau Nuage backpack, waterproof and anti-theft

Beautifully constructed with a classy and vintage design, the bag features a hidden opening at the back, which prevents theft and is perfect for carrying essentials. The bag is also waterproof, perfect for all environments!

 Its timeless design and finishes in imitation leather reflect elegance and modernity.


Country of production: France 

Materials used: waterproof microfiber, high quality imitation leather

Length: 25 cm; Width: 12.5 cm; Height: 33cm; Volume: 10L

A 11 or 12 inch laptop can feet in the bag.



  • 0.44 kg
  • Available
  • 6 to 8 days needed to deliver the product1

  • Water repellent microfibre with a hydrophobic coating
  • High quality imitation leather 

  • Where is the bag produced?

Our Beau Nuage bags are made in Sorbiers, a small town next to Lyon in France.


  • What are the exact dimensions of the bag?