A great story

The story

Our story starts in London, where co-founders Aurélien and Antoine met at University. They often found themselves wet and suffering in varying weather conditions, using bad quality, inefficient products.

Aurélien and Antoine, fed up of leaving their wet and useless umbrellas on a bus or in the doorway of a café decided they were the ones who could change this.

They began designing an umbrella that was not only equipped to deal with modern day life and changing weather conditions, but one that also had style.

In July 2016, after nearly two years of intensive work, late nights analyzing materials and dozens of prototypes the first Beau Nuage umbrella and its drying cover were born.

In November 2017 the two entrepreneurs decided to expand their product range with the launch of a new accessory: a well constructed and waterproof backpack with a hidden opening at the back which allows safe access at any time. New rain accessories will be launched soon ! Our ambition is to become a major player in the rain accessories industry. Today, Beau Nuage is sold in over 100 retail sites in Europe.


The Beau Nuage Team continues to grow and is passionate about continuing to design innovate products that will make your life easier!

Today, almost no umbrella frame is manufactured in France. Our dream is to create our own umbrella factory in the South East of France. This is a long-term goal and a project that will require a lot of work and funding but we are highly motivated to achieve it.

Our commitment to quality

King's Entrepreneurship Institute

Beau Nuage is part of the King's Entrepreneurship Institute whose mission is to support the brightest ventures from King's College London to reach their potential.