Our Concept

Founders Aurélien and Antoine met whilst studying in London. Living in a city renowned for the rain the two friends often found themselves struggling to manage the weather with the current rain accessories available on the market. They decided that in order to change this they needed to take the risk and reinvent the concept of the umbrella.


Are you tired of wet umbrellas which you don't know what to do with and that end up being left in a shop doorway?

Beau Nuage have designed a revolutionary solution that will make your life easier (and drier) when it rains - the first self-drying umbrella cover!

Thanks to this three layer technology and microfibre lining, the Beau Nuage cover absorbs the water from the canopy of the umbrella when it is wet. This allow you to put it into your bag or pocket after use and dries the umbrella at the same time. This new technology is currently being patented.

The Beau Nuage umbrella has been designed to respond to your everyday needs, making your life simpler.


Made from high quality materials the Beau Nuage umbrella is durable, easy to use and lightweight (20 cm long & 300g). The innovations and strong materials make the Beau Nuage umbrella unique and more efficient compared to other umbrella brands.

More about our adventure

The bag you can rely on!

Thanks to a hidden opening at the back of the Beau Nuage bag, your belongings will be protected from thieves.

Made with materials inspired by our umbrellas (water repellent microfiber with a hydrophobic coating) the Beau Nuage bag is also waterproof. Your mind will be completely at ease!

Its timeless design and finishes in imitation leather reflect elegance and modernity.